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Buyers and Tenants

Buyer and Tenant Representation

Real estate law in Pennsylvania and New York does its best to inform the public about how the law of agency works, but many people still don’t understand it.

So, here it is – unless you sign a document that EXPLICITLY makes you the client (Exclusive Right to Represent) then you are NOT represented. Rather, the agent showing you that beautiful home is indirectly representing the SELLER. (He or she is a “subagent” to the seller) What does that mean in practice? The agent will only give you “fair and honest dealing” and nothing more. On the flip side, the agent will use anything you say against you in the negotiation. They legally owe that to their client (the seller).

If, on the other hand, you decide to have Danson Heights Realty help you find your dream home and negotiate on YOUR behalf, then you have chosen to be represented and guided through the entire process. And remember our other areas of expertise! We have all heard things like, “I’m not sure how the Home Inspector could have missed that.” By then, it’s usually too late. The Danson Heights companies have far more expertise than most home inspectors and a broader expertise than many engineers. Over the years, we’ve seen cracked foundations, leaking roofs, flooding basements, struggling AC systems, cold boilers, insect damage, and more that should have been caught by an inspector or an engineer. A home inspector or engineer is often a good investment, but Danson Heights can go deeper and can offer the full solutions – especially the negotiation – for defects in a listed home.

We are on your side throughout, negotiating for you, and only giving the seller what is “fair and honest.” Nothing more.

Commercial tenants and buyers are in even greater need of a real estate professional because the same protections do not exist for them in commercial real estate as for residential buyers. The laws of agency still apply, but the many disclosures required for residential transactions do not exist for commercial real estate because you are a business person and expected to know a bit more than the average home buyer. But, you are a business person in YOUR business, not in real estate. You focus on your job and let us do ours. We will learn about your business, visit your current location, and find you what you need to grow, downsize, retire, or invest. And we will do it from your side of the table.

Most properties have a fee built in for a buyer’s agent. Why would you go into a professional real estate negotiation without representation when it is almost always paid for anyway? One of the most important transactions in the lifetime of a person or business is NOT the right time for DIY. Hire a professional for YOUR side.

Hire Danson Heights Realty.